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Launcher Is Going To Orbit!

Cape Canaveral, Florida
December 16, 2022

Launcher is going to orbit!We are excited to announce that Launcher’s Orbiter SN1 will reach orbit next month — in January 2023 — with eight inaugural customers on board.

Last week we completed payload processing and mated Orbiter SN1 to the SpaceX Falcon 9 payload adapter at Cape Canaveral, Florida, captured in the video below.This milestone will be five years ahead of Launcher’s original 10-year plan to reach orbit and produce revenue — thanks to SpaceX Rideshare.

Thanks to our Orbiter SN1 customers:

We are thankful for our incredible team’s dedication & skill and the many partners and suppliers making it possible to build and integrate the Orbiter platform.Interested in reserving a future Orbiter flight? Register here to get a quote.

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