Technology to advance humanity's future in space

Launcher develops the world’s most efficient rockets and transfer vehicles to deliver small satellites to orbit by combining liquid propulsion technology and onsite 3D manufacturing. Driven by the mission to expand access to space, Launcher’s vehicles are powered by its high-efficiency engines, whose lower fuel consumption makes Launcher more affordable to customers. Founded in 2017, Launcher is headquartered in Hawthorne, California and is proud to partner with the U.S. Space Force, U.S. Air Force and NASA. 

Launch demand is outpacing supply

The satellite launch market is expected to grow from $8B today to $38B in 2030.

Current launch capacity is insufficient to serve demand

Global projection of satellites deployed per year

Source: Deutsche Bank Research, BryceTech

Small satellite launch today

SpaceX Rideshare is now available at an unprecedented $5,000/kg price to SSO. More flights and orbits at lower cost are expected.
When SpaceX Rideshare doesn’t meet satellite orbit, schedule or sensitivity requirements, the only option is dedicated launch (at >$50,000/kg).

Launcher is the only company with dedicated launch + orbital transfer or rideshare

Low Cost Rideshare
When You Can
Dedicated Launch
When You Need
Stack of 143 small satellites aboardSpaceX’s Transporter-1 mission.
Photo courtesy of SpaceX

Introducing Launcher Orbiter

Our orbital transfer vehicle and satellite platform compatible with SpaceX Rideshare and Launcher’s small launch vehicle Launcher Light.

Orbiter in Rideshare Configuration

Launching October 2022

Orbiter in Launcher Light Configuration

Launching 2024

Leadership team

Veteran leadership team with over 70 years of experience at top organizations in the aerospace industry.

Our factory

Advanced additive manufacturing – Advanced metal 3D printing facility with machines from EOS, AMCM and Velo3D.

24,000-square-foot office and factory floor – Large enough to develop and produce the first Orbiters and Launcher Light vehicles.

Faster pace of development – Launcher-owned 3D printers and machine tools. Dedicated in-house team of welders, machinists and technicians.

Strategic location for talent and suppliers – Southern California aerospace hub. Home to over 50% of the space industry: SpaceX, Northrop Grumman, U.S. Space Force, Aerospace Corporation and more.



  • Complete space logistics offering
    Only company with dedicated launch + orbital transfer on low-cost SpaceX Rideshare
  • Capital-efficient
    Record lowest development cost to reach orbit
  • High-performance engines
    The path to the most profitable small satellite launcher
  • Low-cost manufacturing
    In-house + 3D printing
  • Simple and scalable first rocket
    Single engine makes it easier to scale to larger rockets
  • Key partnerships in place
    U.S. Space Force, NASA, SpaceX
  • Executing
    Demonstrated breakthrough technology development at minimal burn
  • World-class team
    Experienced team from aerospace and tech industries

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