With Orbiter, Launcher combines the cost-effective economics of large rocket rideshare with the flexibility of a dedicated launch service.

No matter where you need to go in space, we get you there at the lowest price.


Satellite transfer vehicle and platform

When your satellite destination is close to a popular orbit, Orbiter launches via a large rideshare rocket and customizes that orbit to your exact needs.
NEXT flight: 2/2024
SpaceX Rideshare launch. Photo courtesy of SpaceX
Orbiter separating from a large rocket rideshare
Launcher Light lift off
Orbiter separating from Launcher Light's second stage


Dedicated small launch vehicle

When you have a unique destination, Orbiter launches from the ground on our dedicated rocket, Launcher Light.
First flight: 2024

Latest Updates


year founded
funding to date
24K sq. ft.
dedicated facility in Hawthorne, CA
full-time staff at HQ & wholly US-owned Europe subsidiary

Unique Strategy

Only company with dedicated launch + orbital transfer on rideshare
High performance = most profitable small satellite launcher
Low-cost manufacturing through in-house 3D printing
Simple, scalable rocket architecture

Key Partnerships & Contracts

Test site provider at NASA Stennis Space Center
Funding award
Funding award
Launch vehicle flight provider for Orbiter